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Trident Minerals is an independent exploration / mining company focused on its high grade gold mine Keyla with the intent to continue to explore, interpret and expand the deposits potential. As of April 2020 underground development commenced to access the main production veins (Keyla and Portal).  In May the drilling campaign started with the objective of de risking and further developing the mine production plan. 

Trident Minerals will continue to acquire strategic mining properties in the district and region to expand our production capacity and take advantage of the higher profitability with a larger scale operation. One mine or two the management, administration, logistics, security and processing team are the same. Lowering overall operational costs.

With over four decades of multi-faceted expertise in gold exploration, mining and bullion trading the focus is to source mines with high grade gold with near term production potential.  Trident Minerals has achieved this goal with Keyla. The combined know-how of the various Trident teams, the liquidity of its investors and bulk volume preferential rates provided by Swiss and US refineries, has gained us a competitive edge in the gold business.

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