Infraestructure Campsite

• March - April 2020: Explosives storage area, as well as a fully equipped containerized campsite has been installed. With generator, Office, kitchen, toilets, showers and dormitories.

The road to the project is just off the principal highway of Chile. It is the main transport route of Chile connecting the entire country. Internal roads to the mine are well maintained dirt roads.


As safety is most important to all concerned, our safety protocol is followed to the letter. There are constant checks and re-checks ensuring that both above ground and within our tunnel systems, all safety measures are observed. Where necessary, the tunnel walls and ceilings have been covered with high tensile wire, acting as a preventative for any small or large rock spillage. Considerable work has been done at the entrance of the mine ensuring a safe entry and exit point. (see photos before and after) With our many years of mining experience our teams are very aware of “safety first”


2020 has become a year of huge changes forced on us by the appearance of covid19, and again as safety precaution for all of Trident Minerals, we have offered all our staff and mining teams the opportunity to have bi-weekly  blood tests enabling all to continue working without the fear of  cross contamination. 

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